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Indulge in the ultimate chocolate chip cookie experience with these mouthwatering recipes from Buzzfeed. Discover a variety of delicious cookie ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Not sure which one you'd like best? Take this chocolate chip cookie quiz to help you pick your favorite.

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These brown butter toffee chocolate chip cookies are a crowd pleasing dessert, perfect for holiday baking or special occasions. This recipe calls for resting the cookie dough for two days and sprinkling the baked cookies with sea salt, elevating these delicious cookies to something you’d find in a high end bakery!

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Your search for the best chocolate chip cookies ends here. This chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe is made with browned butter and huge chunks of chocolate for the perfect, crunchy on the outside, gooey in the middle cookie of your dreams. Pair one of these bad boys with glass of cold milk for the best cookies and milk of your life?

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We tested every possible variable from sugar type to dough temperature in an attempt to develop the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Here's everything we learned. #BFChocolateChipCookie

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