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Discover the benefits of call forwarding and never miss an important call again. Take control of your communication and create a seamless experience for your callers with call forwarding.
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Remember call forwarding? You may think it went the way of the answering machine, but it turns out it is a feature on your iPhone. Many people have different iPhones for work or personal use or maybe two of you are going to the same place and bringing multiple iPhones isn’t necessary. There are many […]

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Do you use Google Voice? Did you ever wish it was easier to change the Google Voice call forwarding settings in your account (between Google Chat, your mobile phone, your home phone, etc.)? Do you like your Google Voice calls to be forwarded differently based on whether your mobile phone is currently using WiFi or cellular data? Are you a GrooVe IP user and want your Google Voice calls forwarded differently based on the registration state of GrooVe IP? If yes, this app is the answer you have…

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