Candle in the wind

Illuminate your space with the enchanting glow of a candle in the wind. Explore top ideas to create a soothing and magical ambiance for any occasion.
MARIETTE'S BACK TO BASICS: {CIRCLE Vase with Candles for Easter} Home Décor, Candles, Easter, Table Decorations, Vase, Fragrant, Daffodils, Home Decor, Mushroom Cultivation

As promised previously in my February 24 post: JUST enough Daffodils to fill our CIRCLE Vase, here is another display. The Speedy bunnies you already saw on March 22... On top of the glass plate I now placed candles... The yellow pillar candles are Müller Kerzen from Germany that I received from my German friend Marlene. Those pillars are called Flower Garden and burn for 32 hours. You can click on the above hyperlink for their info. Tablecloth is from Le Jacquard Français and the cups and…