Candle luminaries

Transform your space with beautiful candle luminaries that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Explore unique ideas to add a touch of magic to your home decor.
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The is one of my favorite designs ....FLEUR ,,, On the one hand I was thinking about of some retro charm but I also wanted to include the kind of detail you see in those amazing Swedish paper cuts. There are barley motifs, some Queen Anne's lace but some hyper-geometric tulips, barley and daisies. My Irish cousins think I may have been channelling a little Orla Keily as well..... now THAT'S a compliment! The two photos of the candles lit in the dark are taken with my phone in the pantry…

Nikita Shuldov
25 Interesting Uses For Leftover Party Balloons Diy, Home-made Candles, Candles, Diy Candle Holders, Diy Candles, Candle Luminaries, Candle Making, Party Balloons, Diy Gift

No party is ever complete without a few dozen balloons. They make everyone happy, from youngest to oldest. After the party is all over, instead of popping them all (although that is very fun too), you can use them to make something new creative and useful. Here are a few ideas that will surely get your

Bobbi Petersen