Candle wax melter

Create a soothing atmosphere in your home with the best candle wax melters. Find top-rated melters that will fill your space with delightful scents and help you unwind after a long day.
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【Elegant Design】- Our wax warmers are crafted from white translucent ceramic and are the perfect addition to any modern home, office, gym, spa or studio. Makes a wonderful gift for family and friends. 【Air Freshener】-This oil warmer can be used with essential oils or Wax Tart, choose your favorite scents to fill your home with relaxing and aromatic scents to delight you and your guests and eliminate the worst smells such as smoke, tobacco, pet urine, garbage, and unpleasant bathroom aromas…

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【3-in-1 FRAGRANCE WARMER】: You can add your favorite candle or jar candle to the warmer or essential oil to the dish; With the 3-in-1 fragrance, the choice is always yours .Also Includes a 39" long cord with easy on-off roller switch, a removable dish for wax melts, and a 3" diam. warming plate for candles. 【ELECTRIC WAX MELTER】: Warm & burn your favorite candles and wax cubes or countless hours. We engineered our premium fragrance warmer to safely heat your favorite fragrances without…

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1.8L capacity melts up to 3.1lb of wax at once, perfect for DIY candle making lovers Safety plastic design ensures safe to touch during heating process Accurately control heating with 300W or 600W power settings and melts wax in just 5 minutes Non-stick inner pot is easy to clean with no wax residues Integrated heating and melting makes it great for making candles, waxing, or melting wax

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About this item 【Unique design】---WNP 3D scented wax melt warmer made of glass and unique craftsmanship can be added to any contemporary home, office, gym, spa.It would be a nice gift 【Easy to use】---Just plug wax melter in and put your favorite wax melt in the dish, and it will fill your room with fragrance and light.You will be able to relax peacefully and enjoy this wax meilter 【Clean the air】---the scented candle warmer can be used in conjunction with the wax block. Add your favorite wax…