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Transform your car with these creative car door ideas. Upgrade your ride and make a statement with unique and stylish car door designs that will turn heads on the road.
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Russian automaker Yo-Auto is currently taking pre-orders for its trio of hybrid vehicles, which are slated to arrive in 2012. The triumvirate consists of a coupe, hatchback and truck, and they are all referred to as Yo-Mobiles. It seems the automaker has other vehicles in mind as well, because a rather unique concept car has been mocked up that will make its debut at the

About a year ago, I came home from shopping one morning to find out that someone had parked their car in my drive. | What To Do If Someone Parks In YourDrive… Car Parking, Car Cleaning, Car Door, Car Ins, Grey Car, Parks, Car Pictures, Car, Park

As you can possibly tell from the picture, my drive is directly in front of my house. There's no grey area about who this space belongs to.I was incensed about it. How does someone do that? Why would they do that? How could anybody be so brazen as to park directly on someone's drive? I posted about it on Twitter and asked people what I should do. Plenty of suggestions came in. Let the tyres down. Scratch a swastika onto their bonnet. Hide a dead body in the boot. They were all admirable…

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. . . is what the designers of the Backman Fall Ideas House created. Oh to have the ideas (and access to just the right stuff) that these people do. LOVE these ruffled pillows! I'm thinking that I need to try to make one of these. Can you buy plaid like this anymore? Probably recycled shirts or something. Any little boy would be out-of-this-world thrilled to have this room. Can you believe REAL car parts! Clever! Clever-er! Clever-est! Car door handles for the dresser! Kitchen ceiling light…

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