Cat cupcakes

Create irresistible cat-themed cupcakes that will delight both kids and adults. Explore our top ideas to bake and decorate these cute and tasty treats for any occasion.
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I came home to Mom on January 16, 2012. Today is an early Gotcha Day today though. I was laid out on the bed alongside Mom all night on 1/16/12...though she didn't know that till she woke up the next morning. It was the clearest sign of love everlasting. Everyone was so kind to me in the CB and came to greet me and make me welcome. I haven't had too many Gotcha Days "out loud" because Mom was always horribly busy. But she isn't now except to do what I say. I have just a few things to nom on…

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Next Monday is International Cat Day! Celebrate your adorable pets with this creative buttercream cupcake design! Comment your cat creations, so we can... | pet, house cat, buttercream, cupcake

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