Celebrity engagement rings unique

Explore the world of celebrity engagement rings and discover unique designs that will take your breath away. Get inspired to find the perfect ring for your special someone.
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Details: 1. Carrie Underwood's 12-carat diamond ring worth about $800,000 via UsMagazine 2. Katy Perry's 3-carat Cartier stunner worth $120,000 via UsMagazine 3. Kim Kardashian's $2 million Rock via Huffungton Post 4. Jennifer Lopez's Blue Diamond Engagement Ring via Antique Engagement Rings 5. Bethenny Frankel's 6.5-carat pear-shaped ring worth about $150,000 via UsMagazine 6. Hillary Duff 14-carat radiant-cut diamond worth an estimated $1 million via UsMagazine 7. Khloe Kardashian's…

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Whenever Victoria Beckham does anything (yes, anything), you can always count on her to take it to the next level. And, that includes celebrity engagement rings. In the 22 years that she’s been married to the equally posh David Beckham, the former…

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