Ceramic sculpture figurative

Explore the world of ceramic sculptures with figurative designs. Discover unique and captivating ideas to add artistic flair to your home decor or collection.
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Although I studied painting and illustration in art school, my work in recent years has been focused on ceramic sculpture. I am intrigued by the figure and how it can express the complex world of human emotions. By tearing off the masks we choose to wear by our own nature, or those imposed on us by others or society, we begin to understand what it is to be human and how we are connected. This angel, above, tells the story of connection, to nature and the earth. The sun, moon, trees, fish and…

Yes Ma'am
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Spanish artist Carlos Cabo creates elegant and amazing abstract figurative ceramic sculptures. Clay is incredibly malleable and versatile, allowing artists to mold the material into a wide array of forms. Carlos masters in clay art