Chainmail diy

Learn how to make your own chainmail armor and accessories with these DIY ideas. Get inspired and start crafting your own unique chainmail pieces today.
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The material you're going to use for your chainmail will strongly affect its cost as well as the time needed to complete it. It is possible to make your chainmail with steel for a more realistic and strong result, but it will be more expensive and extremely time-consuming. We chose aluminum to do ours. This material is less robust, but it will save us a lot of time (unlike steel, you can work aluminum by hand). Shaping rings First, roll the aluminum wire around a 9mm diameter wooden stick…

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Create your own butterfly pendant with this digital tutorial. The tutorial features many pictures and detailed text descriptions of the steps so you can easily learn to weave a cute chainmail butterfly from dozens of tiny rings. Comes with two butterfly patterns and a color design chart so you can

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