Chalk paint on metal

Discover how to use chalk paint to give a fresh and unique look to your metal furniture and decor. Get inspired with top ideas for transforming metal surfaces with chalk paint.
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How To Apply Chalk Paint Over Metal? (5 Steps)

Chalk paint is water-based and has good bonding qualities, while metal is non-porous. To apply chalk paint over metal, clean the surface, remove any existing finishes, apply primer, and apply chalk paint. Also, if the metal surface is painted or sealed, you must remove the previous finish first. That’s because a sealer will prevent paint ... Read more

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How To Use Acrylic Paint On Metal? [5 Steps]

When you think of acrylic paint projects, canvas may come to mind as the ideal surface, but canvas is not the only surface that acrylic paint can be applied to. Acrylic paint is very versatile and easily applied over any surface that is wax or oil-free. Preparing your surface for acrylic paint may be tricky, […]

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