Chicken breeds chart

Explore our comprehensive chicken breeds chart to find the perfect breed for your backyard flock. Learn about the characteristics, temperament, and egg-laying capabilities of each breed to make an informed decision.
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With 463 recognized chicken breeds in the USA in 2022, I promise you there will be more than one great breed for you out there! The perfect breed for your backyard will depend on your taste, climate, budget, and the amount of space and free-range capacity you have to offer. Find out the best chicken breeds for beginners today!

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IF YOU’VE BEEN CONTEMPLATING RAISING CHICKENS OF YOUR OWN, CONSIDER THIS: -you may spend countless hours each week watching FARM TV in your backyard -you may end up being labeled a “Crazy Chicken Lady” -friends may tag you in every chicken social media post they see -once you fall in love with your hens, this may lead to needing more chicks next year -and since chickens are a gateway farm

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