Chicken crafts for preschoolers

Engage your preschoolers with these fun and easy chicken crafts. Create a farm-themed atmosphere while enhancing their creativity and motor skills. Try these crafts today!
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This hen was inspired by a paper plate challenge on Instagram and it's really simple to do. You could paint yours any colour you want, but we went for speckled, which is so quick! You will need: Two paper plates Scissors Paint Glue Red tissue paper (or plain paper painted red) Yellow/orange tissue paper (optional) 1. First, cut a gentle curve, nearer to the top of your plate (see pic below) This is the shape of the hen's back, from the tail to the head. Best to draw a line on the plate for…

Susan Manbeian
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A hen does not need a rooster to lay eggs. However, a hen does need a rooster to fertilize its eggs, otherwise the eggs will not hatch. If the egg is fertilized, the mother hen or a broody hen will care for the egg by keeping it warm until it hatches. While developing, the unhatched chick will eat the yolk in the egg to get the nutrition it needs to grow and develop.

Brenda Silvers