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Explore the rich flavors and unique characteristics of Chilean wine. From crisp whites to bold reds, find the perfect bottle to satisfy your palate and elevate your dining experience.
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Root:1: Delicious Varietal Wines from Chile for Just $12

As most readers know, I have been visiting wineries in Chile and Argentina for the past eight days. I can honestly say that it a long time since I came across such an array of wines that offer both very high quality and incredible value. First up is a range of four varietal wines that you may already be familiar with called Root:1. Suggested retail price is $12 but you often find the wines for less. Here’s what I am enjoying about them.

Venus Head-Cairy
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Algenib Red Wine Label Design

Re­gion del Sur is the cold­est of Chile's wine-pro­du­cing re­gions, where, thanks to the tem­per­ate cli­mate closest to that of France, wine­makers pro­duce the most el­eg­ant and soph­ist­ic­ated wines. The main design theme chosen in the design of la­bels for the Al­gen­ib red wine lines refers to as­tro­nomy and the le­gend of the myth­ic­al winged…

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