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Chinese dragon symbol

Explore the mythical meaning and cultural significance of the Chinese dragon symbol. Discover its rich history and symbolism, and learn how you can incorporate this powerful symbol into your life.
From Wikiwand: An ancient seal script form of the character for "dragon" that is now written 龍 or 龙 and pronounced lóng in Mandarin Chinese. Chinese Calligraphy Art, Chinese Script, How To Write Calligraphy, Chinese Words, Chinese Symbols, Chinese Art, Calligraphy Writing, Chinese Writing Art, Chinese Dragon Symbol

The Chinese dragon, also known as the loong, long or lung , is a legendary creature in Chinese mythology, Chinese folklore, and Chinese culture at large. Chinese dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles and fish, but are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. Academicians have identified four reliable theories on the origin of the Chinese dragon: snakes, Chinese alligators, thunder worship and nature worship. They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers…

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