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Joke - Being inspired by the farmer's faith and dedication, the pastor held a sermon just for him Humour, Church Jokes, Christian Humor, Christian Jokes, Bible Jokes, Christian Stories, Sermon, Christian, Pastor

One Sunday morning in February, the pastor slowly made his way to the rural church in the middle of a blizzard, arriving with just five minutes to spare. He walked in, turned on the lights and looked around. No one else was there. As he was about to turn everything off and go back home, an...

Steven Fleeman
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Whether you practice and follow it or not, we all know that church is meant to be a place of worship and holiness. So, when they’ve got an engaging or entertaining marquee sign right in front of the building, it just makes that much more special, and sometimes, even entertaining.While most signs are usually warm and welcoming, you won’t believe how creative and hysterical these churches got with delivering the message to their community. Has your local church posted a funny sign like this…

Ananya Panday