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It’s no secret that Hunt A Killer games are full of codes, ciphers, and puzzles so we figured we’d write up a how-to guide since they can be intimidating at first! To begin, let’s make sure we understand the difference between a cipher and a code . For most people, it’s as if you asked them wha

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Substitution ciphers are a way of encrypting or disguising language so that a phrase or paragraph can't be read by anyone who doesn't know the cipher. Ciphers are commonly made by substituting one letter for another. They're a fun way for...

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Decipher | Gravity Falls<<<<<fuuuuudddge. So many of these have come true in the show. Gravity Falls, Gravity Falls Secrets, Gravity Falls Codes, Gravity Falls Book, Gravity Falls Journal, Bill Cipher, Secret Code, Fandoms, Reverse Falls

(Sorry this took so long, BTW.) Here are the codes I have found in Dipper and Mabel’s Guide To Mystery and Non-Stop Fun. The first group of codes will be Bill’s. Then I’ll move on to Dipper’s codes. All of the codes will be bold.(The page numbers will be in parenthesis.) Here they are: “Dipper wrote a theme song for himself and sings it in the shower.” (20-21) “After nightmares, Mabel meows herself back to sleep.”(30-31) “Soos keeps candy in his belly button for emergencies.”(52-53) “Stan…

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