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Ensure the safety and efficiency of your home with a modern circuit breaker box. Discover top ideas for upgrading your electrical system and protecting your appliances and devices.
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My husband and I have rented two homes together and are on our second home that we have bought. One thing that never fails to amaze us is how odd the wiring in any given house can be...especially in our current house. We have a light switch that cuts power to the dishwasher. If my husband is using any power tool on the original outlet in the garage and I decide to blow dry my hair, we will trip a circuit and lose power to my master bath, the garage and half of the kitchen. (the kitchen is on…

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Electrical - AC & DC - Cost to replace breaker box? - I'm building a work shop external to my house and I'm going to need to run electrical to it. First step is upgrading my 100 amp breaker box. What is the average an electrician would charge on the east coast to replace the box? Should I purchase a box that uses

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