Coconut oil pie crust

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A fabulous vegan pie crust recipe! Take care when incorporating the coconut oil and flour; very even distribution of the solid coconut oil is the goal. A pastry cutter is ideal here, but combining by hand will work. A food processor can work but is more finicky. This crust can be frozen raw, wrapped well, for a few weeks before using. To parbake, prick the base of the raw crust with the tip of a knife or a fork to allow steam to escape. Double the recipe for a double-crust pie. This recipe…

Katelyn Anderson
SIMPLE Coconut Oil Pie Crust Recipe! #vegan #coconutoil #piecrust #recipe

Easy, delicious pie crust made healthier with coconut oil! Extremely flaky, delicious, and versatile. Perfect for use in place of any traditional pie crust (without any coconut flavor!).

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