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Explore this informative coffee infographic to discover interesting facts, brewing techniques, and the history of coffee. Get your daily dose of coffee knowledge and become a true coffee connoisseur.
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Folks who are new to the world of coffee often feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to consider. From roast type and grind size to brewing methods and bean types, choosing your coffee can feel like rocket science. Truth is, it’s not hard. Part of the fun being a coffee lover is experimenting […]

Minh Nguyen
Arabica and Robusta compared: Which variety wins the race? Essen, Coffee Barista Art, Coffee Chart, Coffee Bean Art, Coffee Market, Robusta Coffee, Coffee Infographic, Coffee Shop Branding, Coffee Ingredients

You’ve probably seen it before: On the packaging of the coffee is written large “100% Arabica”. Arabica coffee is often subconsciously sold to us as the “better” coffee. But where does this assumption come from and is there really anything to it? We clear up the half-knowledge and explain which coffee bean really tastes better.

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Once roasted, most of the coffee beans look alike. But do you know that there is plenty of different variety of coffee beans out there? You may have noticed that there are different names on the coffee bag labels like “100% Arabica” for example, but do you actually know what it means? There are over..

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Have you noticed in the last few years how coffee shop menus have become increasingly elaborate and that ordering a drink has become ever more complicated? Before, you could just ask for a regular coffee. ... Read more

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