Cold breakfast sandwich

Start your day with a mouthwatering cold breakfast sandwich. Explore top recipes and get inspired to create a satisfying and convenient morning meal.
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19 Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwich Recipes to Power Your Morning

From sweet smiley-faced sandwiches for kids, to hearty stacks to help you power through your morning, these 19 make-ahead breakfast sandwiches will make the whole family happy.

Michelle Jones
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20 Best Croissant Sandwich Recipes

We’ve all tried croissants, we’ve even waited hours in line to try cronuts (where the croissant meets the doughnut), but what’s next? Are you ready to try croissant sandwiches? Replacing

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Easy Homemade McGriddle Breakfast Sandwiches - Whole Kitchen Sink

These easy homemade McGriddle breakfast sandwiches are a tasty and fun way to change up your breakfast routine. They’re also great for feeding a hungry crowd, and can... Read More

Ally Cross
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Fairfax Breakfast Sandwich (Eggslut Copycat) | Cookerru

Loaded with caramelized onions, melted cheese, and creamy scrambled eggs all wrapped together in buttery brioche buns, this breakfast sandwich the ultimate way to elevate your morning. This is a copycat recipe of the iconic Eggslut chain and their most popular sandwich, the Fairfax.