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Master the basics of French with these common phrases that will help you navigate your way through conversations and make a great impression. Start speaking French confidently today!
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INTRODUCING: d'abord tout d'abord avant tout premièrement en premier lieu. -. first first of all first of all First in the first place. FOCUSING:. OPPOSING:. mais cependant néanmoins pourtant toutefois or d’un autre côté par contre en revanche tout de même quant même. -. but however However However ...

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The Best French Phrases PDF: Basics for Travel & More!

French is often known as the 'language of love'. I has a unique melodic quality to it - especially to the untrained ear, making it an attractive language to learn. French is a global lingua franca today. It is the native tongue of approximately 77 million people, with an additional 204 million people speaking it