Concrete paint colors

Transform your space with trendy concrete paint colors. Discover top ideas to add a modern touch to your floors, walls, and furniture.
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After our crumbling concrete porch was repaired, we had a fully functional porch, but the surface looked unfinished and under construction. The new concrete was a very light gray; the old concrete was a sandy color and had a different texture. I needed to do something. As I researched, I found out concrete stain accentuates […]

Jennifer Rebardie
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You just moved into a new home, and you love everything about it. Well, almost everything about it. The current color of the porch is bugging you a bit, admittedly. You’d like it to be a different hue, but which one? We looked at a myriad of different home design sources to find the best […]

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Guys, don’t think that just because I have a house blog that I’m always super gung-ho about getting started on our long list of things we want to fix up here. That is definitely not the case. I procrastinate a lot, sometimes because I’m scared of making the wrong choice, because I just can’t make up my mind, or because something is a BIG task and I just. Don’t. Want.

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Discover the gorgeous stain colors you can use in concrete to create beautiful flooring. Stained concrete floors can elevate the look of your home.

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