Convertible clothing

Discover the endless possibilities of convertible clothing. From dresses to jackets, find the perfect piece that can be transformed to suit any event or style. Upgrade your wardrobe with these innovative and fashionable options.
How to turn one piece of recycled cloth into 14 outfits and a bag #ecopin Upcycling, Couture, Diy Fashion, American Apparel, Diy Clothing, Recycle Clothes, Diy Clothes, Sewing Clothes, Convertible Clothing

So the Lorax movie may be effing up left and right, but take heart, nostalgia-trippers: you can still own a real-life Thneed! The Versalette is a cylinder of domestically sourced, domestically made, recycled, organic fabric, whose ingenious construction allows it to turn into a dress, skirt, top, poncho, scarf, or bag. You can also almost […]

Anandi A. Premlall