Cool italian words

Expand your vocabulary with these cool Italian words that will impress your friends. Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or just want to sound sophisticated, these words are a must-know for any language enthusiast.
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What makes a word beautiful? Is it the way it rolls off the tongue, creating a symphony of sounds that resonate with our senses? Is it the vivid imagery it conjures? Or perhaps it is it the power it holds to evoke nostalgia, tugging at the strings of memory and connection to cherished moments? We ... Read more

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Gorgeous is a popular adjective used to describe someone who is beautiful or something that is attractive or pleasant. It can also be used as a term of endearment to flatter someone. There isn’t a direct translation for gorgeous in Italian, but there are lots of words that express more or less the same thing, ... Read more

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In Italian, a positive way to describe a person or an action is by using the adjective carino. Carino is the diminutive form of caro, which translates to dear. It can be used in its masculine form, carino, feminine form, carina, or in their respective plural forms, carini and carine. When referring to a deed ... Read more

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Life – or la vita in Italian – is a rollercoaster filled with incredible highs and devastating lows. Unfortunately there isn’t a single handbook to help us navigate all of life’s ups and downs but that is exactly what makes it such an adventure! Below you’ll find a collection of twenty of our favourite inspirational, ... Read more

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Stai cercando una parola in Italiano? (Are you looking for a word in Italian?) Then you’re in the right place. Below you can find all the ‘words of the day’ and the ‘phrases of the week’ we’ve published. You can use the search box or play with the dropdown menus which allow you to filter ... Read more

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When learning Italian, it is important to remember that not all native expressions can be translated directly into English. The main reason is that culture has a big impact on the vocabulary used in the language of a specific country. Curious to know more? Below you will find some of the most important Italian words ... Read more

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