Corner stone fireplace

Transform your living space with a cozy corner stone fireplace. Find inspiration and ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.
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Today is the day. This is your complete step by step guide to limewash a stacked stone fireplace. I promise it's a very doable project. In fact, we did this in just three half days. I hope this encourages you to take an element in your home that you may not love and really give

Janna Millers
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FacebookTweetPin9 Hello! This post has been a long time coming – it seems like whenever I undertake a daunting DIY project, I need to let my brain “forget” it for awhile before I can talk about it again. I guess it’s kind of like childbirth in that regard. Refacing our fireplace with stone veneer took several twists and turns, but I’m exceedingly happy with the finished product, now that my house isn’t a dust-filled mess. Some qualifiers before we get started: I am not a stone mason (nor do…

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