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Susan Koger of fashion website ModCloth has plenty of racks and hanging space in her closet, above, which has a two-tiered rotating garment ... Workshop, Cosplay, Wardrobes, Closet Space, Closet Space Savers, Clothing Rack, Closet Rack, Garment Racks, Clothes Closet

Vintage walk-inSusan Koger, co-founder and chief creative officer of ModCloth (, which sells clothing with a vintage flair, says her company "owes its start to a crammed closet." Paladini bought art especially for the closet rendering it both glittery and intriguing - a feathered skirt and sequined tops hang beside antique stone hands and a collection of silver African bracelets. Custom-made acrylic shelves (materials from Ace Hardware) hold her shoes, which have has the…

Tanya Johnson-Williams