Couple dancing

Dance your way into the hearts of your partner with these captivating couple dancing ideas. Discover new moves and create unforgettable memories on the dance floor.
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The year of 2021 is over and when we step into the 2022, we really look forward something new in our life. What about having a long and sweet relationship and make us feel the sweetness of love? It is so nice and so romantic to have a relationship with the one we love and share all the secrets in our life between us. The couple goals are the goals we are trying to achieve and we try to make all of our sweet dreams come true. We laugh and dancing together, we cheer the victory together and we…

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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lorraine Christie - Irish painter, is a classically trained artist, who prefers to say that she is self taught as it has taken her years of living to develop her constantly evolving art. Has been a professional painter since 1990. Noted for her still-life paintings in luscious oils, Christie’s success started in her native Ireland and has spread world-wide, with her works included in many private and corporate collections in Europe, the U.S., Japan and the…