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Enhance your crafting projects with the best Cricut blades. Find the perfect blade for your Cricut machine and take your crafting to the next level. Start creating amazing designs today!
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Unlock your crafting potential with Cricut blades - the Swiss Army knives of crafting! With so many options to choose from, including the QuickSwap tools, you can create a wide variety of crafts. No more confusion about which blade to use, when to use it, which mat to use, or how to care for them. The Ultimate Guide to All Cricut Blades has got you covered. Expand your crafting skills and make better crafts with confidence.

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Comparing the Hardwoer Replacement Blade to the Cricut Brand Blade Note - Occassionally he Hardwoer brand is not available - but Caregy has identical ones. The blade on the left is cricut, on the right is Hardwoer. They are exactly the same size. Be sure to remove the red cap before trying to insert it into the holder. There's a video showing you how to change the blade, below. Conclusion - There was no noticeable difference between the two blades, other than the cost. I wrote this post in…

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What are the different Cricut Blades? I explain the difference between each blade and the blades' compatibility with the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore and Cricut Joy. I also talk about which material works best with each cricut blade as well as how to sharpen and change them. Let's talk about the different Cricut blades. So

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