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(f/n)(l/n) is probably the hottest girl to walk the halls of UA. With a quirk that makes her look all the more promiscuous, its hard for the boys not to stare. One red head in particular can't keep his eyes of her, taking every opportunity to rant about how amazing she is. The recipient of these rants, Bakugou Katsuki couldn't care less about her and vice versa. That is until one day she does the unexpected; she challenges Bakugou to a fight. Ever since, Bakugou can't get her off his mind…

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(REQUESTS CLOSED) A collection of reader-insert oneshots from My Hero Academia! :D Hope you enjoy! If you have a request, please send it through my inbox! Thanks! Cover made by me! :D [#1 in BOKUNOHEROACADEMIA (August 2018)(October 18, 2018)(November 14, 2018)] [#2 in BOKUNOHEROACADEMIA (October 10, 2018)] [#1 in OTAKU] [#2 in OTAKU] [#3 in OTAKU] [5K views achieved (October 17, 2018)] [10K views achieved (November 1, 2018] [30K views achieved (December 29, 2018)] [100K views achieved (April…

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I noticed that the bf scenarios don't have much attention from you I thought "screw it" and decidied to make part two of onestots. Like always I will take requests so feel free to let me know whenever you have an idea for a new chapter. Of course I felt bad when tried to delete first five chapters of anime mix, so I let them be. As you may know I don't own anything but the plots here. That's all. Enjoy.

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There will be lemons. They are a bit older than in anime May or may not follow original time line. Art work is not mine unless it's stated that it is. I do not own my hero academia. Y/n quirk: earth manipulation - Y/n is bakugous childhood friend . She's desperately hiding the fact that she's an orphan as she had their entire life. When bakugous mom finds out the child she's grown to love never had a family of her own she fosters y/n and welcomes her to their home as an official member. Only…

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