Custom bass

Unlock your musical potential with a custom bass guitar. Craft your own unique sound and express your creativity. Explore top ideas to design and build your dream bass.
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Neal Moser Arachnid Ultra Rob Cohen Custom Bass

Credit to NealMoser This bass is high gloss black with silver bevels. The "Pure Evil" was hand carved. The electronics consist of a booster switch and volume control, stand-by switch, level switch and treble boost. At Blast Custom Shop, we provide more varieties for this guitar which is depend on your budget and needs. Price : Contact us! Availability : Pre order only. *The best thing is the price of this guitar is depend on your budget and need ;) + RM250 for the high quality hardcase (this…

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Time Machine Bass

Hobby Builder with a Purpose - We Design & Build Custom Theme Guitars for Charity Fundraising Doner Designs is a part-time father-son charitable enterprise that builds themed guitars to benefit major national charities. On average we complete approximately one guitar per year. Past projects have

Michael Mccoy
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Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 Revisited

A little while back, you may recall, I became the rather proud owner of a Shuker Uberhorn Fretless 4 (Serial 001) Well, its a superb bass. It's build quality is exquisite, it looks utterly incredible, and it plays like no bass I've ever played before (even with my hamfisted attempts at fretless I...

Ulrich Steffen