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Get ready to laugh with these hilarious dance humor ideas. From funny dance memes to relatable dance jokes, this collection is sure to make you bust a move and brighten your day.
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Did you do the “Nitty Gritty” back in 1964? If so, were you as outrageously energetic as this young fellow is? In 1964, young people were doing a dance called the “Nitty Gritty.” This performance is a video time capsule of sorts showing how much dance styles have changed since the sixties. Bobby Banas is

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When the first social media sites were born, they pretty much changed everyone’s lives. One of the first ‘true’ social media sites was created in 1997,, on which you could establish lists of connections, set up a profile page, and exchange messages throughout networks. And while back in the day not everybody was able to have a profile and talk with friends without meeting them face to face, fast forward to now, 25 years later, it has turned into the new normal. We can call…

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