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The alluring vivisected mechanical pin-ups of Fernando Vincente | Dangerous Minds Human Body, Design, Science Fiction, Inspiration, Mechanic, Grafik, Human, Kunst, Fotografie

A painting of a pin-up mashedup with mechanical parts from a Mercedes Benz by Fernando Vicente. Self-taught Spanish painter, artist and illustrator Fernando Vicente has been working at his craft since the early 80s in Madrid and his work has been featured in publications all around the world such as Playboy, Vogue and various European magazines and book covers. In the case of Vicente’s series Anatomies the artist has united two of his favorite things—his love of mechanics and anatom—to…

Oliver Willms
‘The Weird World of LSD’ is an unwitting beatnik masterpiece | Dangerous Minds Rockabilly, Dangerous Minds, Weird World, Reefer Madness, Travel Agent, Freak Out, Lsd, Dangerous, Mind Blown

Everything about The Weird World of LSD reeks of bad faith. Everyone calls this the Reefer Madness of the hippie era, and that’s certainly true, but the deadpan hysteria of the cautionary voiceover doesn’t, in the end, have the ring of sincere belief to it. For whom was this movie really intended? What The Weird World of LSD really is is a series of brief vignettes, sans dialogue, of people ostensibly freaking out after having taken acid. A young woman from out of town turns to LSD out of…

Valerie Maciel