Dappled light

Transform your space with the enchanting effect of dappled light. Explore top ideas to bring a magical and soothing ambiance to your surroundings.
In dappled light beneath a tree is my favorite place to be. -Ruthie Rue Inspiration, Places, Architecture, Nice, Summer, Dappled Light, Summertime, Scenery, Mood Board

We float down sunlight streets And let our hair get stuck On our fingertips Weeds whisper Coaxing us to the grass Wrapping their way through our toes Slick pebbles weigh down your pockets I braid sunshine into your hair You’re glittering I sew sunshine onto your skin Ribbons that glow warm The hum of the wind Catches on your breath Butterfly, butterfly ~~~ What an amazing string of summer days we are having... set with a sapphire drenching courtesy of Bertha... ~~~ All these images are from…

Ruthie Rue
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With Saturn now moving retrograde, I figured I’d check in on how I’m faring with Saturn. Saturn has been transiting my first house since September 2011. I had been looking forward to Saturn leaving my twelfth house like I looked forward to being released from an obligation I had no interest in keeping; in my […]

Gia Dovey