Learn about the iconic character Dean Winchester from the hit TV show Supernatural. Discover his journey as a hunter and his pivotal role in the battle against supernatural forces.
He’s really great in bed. | Community Post: 15 AMAZING Reasons Why Dean Winchester Is The Perfect Man Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Padalecki, Sam Dean, Chris Pine, Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Chris Hemsworth, Jensen Ackles Supernatural, Jensen Ackles Young

Okay, a shallow reason, but an important one(who wants to be with a guy who sucks in bed? I mean really...). Due to his nature of being giving and selfless, he would not be one of those guys that would leave a girl unsatisfied in the bedroom. Lisa even called it the "best sex of her life". So, I mean, you do the math. No may have to add up how many times you orgasm.

Clara Wetzel
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