Decorating slanted walls

Transform your space with these creative ideas for decorating slanted walls. Discover how to make the most of your unique architectural feature and create a stylish and functional room.
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Let's talk about how to decorate a slanted wall in the living room -- because they're not always perfect cubes with four walls and a ceiling!

Sandra Grant
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Figuring out how to decorate a sloped ceiling bedroom can be tricky without some inspiration. Are you more of a minimalist, or is an opulent chandelier or accent chair more your speed? When it comes to decorating a bedroom with a sloped ceiling, lighting is everything. Adding a hanging light fixture is an easy way […]

Karina Calvo
Whoa!!!! pinch me, I'm dreaming!!! IKEA EKBY RISET brackets are designed to work with sloping walls and can be adjusted and locked in different angles (maybe even folded flat when not in use on regular walls), optimizing storage and display space above your desk. Slanted Wall, Angled Wall, Ikea Ekby, Små Rum Lidt Plads, Create Storage, Attic Office, Slanted Walls, Ikea Catalog, Attic Bedrooms

Why are high ceilings the only ones getting celebrated? Sloped ceilings–like the kind you find in attic spaces–have a ton of character and make cozy rooms like bedrooms and family rooms feel a whole lot more intimate. Here are seven rooms that get it right when it comes to angled ceilings. The owners of these spaces haven’t just worked around the sloped ceiling challenge, they’ve embraced it.

Rob Gary
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Vaulted ceilings are grand ceilings with a supporting arch above the walls and come to a point. They are often referred to as cathedral ceilings and create an expansive overhead space in your home. With such high ceilings come tall walls and the question of how to decorate them! Of course, with so much space, […]

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disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams®. Can I let y’all in on a little secret? I’ve been counting down the days to today. Yes. TODAY. The day the universe […]

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Take a nighttime tour of this Indiana farmhouse all lit up for the holidays! See more photos at Bedroom Ideas Angled Ceilings, Attic Bedroom Ideas Angled Ceilings, Attic Bedroom Designs, Angled Ceilings, Attic Bedrooms, Attic Renovation, Interior Room, Attic Spaces, Attic Bedroom

The presents are all wrapped, the cookies have been baked, and our home will soon be filled with family and friends all celebrating the holidays together. As busy as this month has been, I just love how peaceful and serene our little farmhouse becomes after the kids are in bed and all the Christmas lights are…

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