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Tattoos are a permanent way to create art. I know some people like the fleeting nature of art, like body paints or creating something out of the sand before it washes away. However, others choose to create tattoos which is like drawing on a human canvas but you can't make any mistakes because it is

Aaliyah Justine
Black and White Figural Tattoos With a Macabre Twist by Korean Tattoo Artist Oozy | Colossal Tattoos, Tattoo Artists, Small Tattoos, Tattoo, Cool Tattoos, Cute Tattoos, Ink Tattoo, Dream Tattoos, Unique Tattoos

South Korean tattoo artist Woojin Choi, or Oozy, creates detailed black and white works which often incorporate a macabre twist. His fine line tattoos explore scenes that are not as innocent as they first appear, such as a geisha who partially hides her own skeleton behind a decorative fan, and a figure who is being lifted from (or dropped into) a bowl of Chashu ramen. Oozy’s pieces are often very line-oriented, an effect that resonates with the appearance of classic woodblock prints. More