Different swimming strokes

Discover the various swimming strokes and learn how to master each one. Dive into a world of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly and take your swimming skills to the next level.
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You feel it the moment you enter the water. Your heart pounds, your muscles contract, your lungs tighten up! Fortunately, that feeling doesn’t last for long. A few minutes later, you’ve moved beyond that initial shock (and temperature change) and float into a world where swimming freestyle is almost as comfortable as walking. Water is

Ralph Isidor Innocent
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Let me introduce to you the classic swimming stroke of all times, the Breaststroke! Breaststroke is believed to be the oldest of all strokes but it still remains popular in both recreational swimming as well as competitive swimming. The health benefits of breaststroke definitely plays an important role to its survival in the swimming scene.