Digital perm short hair

Transform your short hair with a trendy digital perm. Explore top ideas and find the perfect style that adds volume, texture, and bounce to your locks.
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We will say something we never thought we would – “The perm is back.” Yes, you read that right, this permanent curly hairstyle is all the rage RN, especially in Japanese salons. Allow us to soften your shock – the modern perm is nothing like those wet-looking tight curls that were trending back in the […]

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Korean perm vs Japanese perm vs digital perm, which one should you choose? Learn about the different types of Korean perms and how they differ from cold perms. I’m sure that most of you have heard about the trending Korean and Japanese perms, as compared to the many other types of modern day perms available to style your hair with. But how do you choose between these two types as to which one is better for you to get? Can you consider the Korean perm more suited for you than the Japanese…

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