Dimple piercing

Get inspired with the latest dimple piercing ideas and enhance your look. Find the perfect design and style to express your unique personality and add an edgy touch to your appearance.
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I very often get comments and compliments about my cheek piercings - also known as “dimples”. I also get asked advice by people considering getting their own, and since I have SAH MUCH to say on the topic, I thought it best just to make a post that I can direct people to.

Madison Eastham
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Cheek piercing is one of the piercings that can be found on a person’s body, and this is certainly gaining more and more popularity these days. Such piercing can absolutely add more emphasis on your facial features, especially the dimples that are right there on your cheeks. This is the main reason why it is otherwise known as dimple piercing. The piercing itself is done to left and right cheeks. The illusion of having gorgeous dimples can be created if you have piercings on your cheeks…

Alva Joyce