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Discover how to make your own baby carrier for a convenient and comfortable way to carry your little one. Get inspired with top DIY ideas and start enjoying hands-free parenting.
Cheaper and Better: Sewing a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) from a free pattern found online Baby Wearing Diy, Baby Carrier Pattern, Diy Baby Carrier, Carrier Pattern, Toddler Carrier, Easy Baby Blanket, Camo Baby Stuff, Trendy Sewing, Baby Sewing Projects

Sewing a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) from a free pattern found online

Hi all! This time I decided to try my hand at an SSC. I had an awesome Kinderpack but the straps were too long (I bought it hoping Hubby would wear it, but no dice) so I sold it. But then I missed it. So I made my own. I don't know why, but the idea of webbing and buckles was really intimidating to me! But I figured, how bad could it be? I've already made three mei tais and three ring slings. So here's the free pattern that I downloaded…

Jessica Collier
Miso Crafty: Tutorial: The Meela Baby Carrier!! #baby carrier diy #diy baby carrier #fashion baby carrier Onbuhimo Pattern, Baby Carrier Sewing Pattern, Kangaroo Baby Carrier, Baby Carrier Pattern, Front Baby Carrier, Baby Wearing Wrap, Diy Baby Carrier, Baby Wearing Jacket, Carrier Pattern

Tutorial: The Meela Baby Carrier!!

My very first (and very belated, I might add!!) tutorial!! This one is long over due, that's for sure! I had every intention of writing up this tute, but completely forgot cause, happens, especially when you've got a baby! But after many comments and emails (and some of those emails weren't really nice...some were downright demanding and mean about it!), I decided to pick up where I had left off. I would like to apologize to those that have been waiting very patiently for this…

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One Hope Left: Homemade Baby K'tan Carrier Instructions Couture, Diy Baby Wrap Carrier, Diy Baby Carrier Wrap, Diy Baby Wrap, Diy Baby Carrier, Baby Wrap Newborn, Baby Carrying, Wrap Carrier, Baby Sling

Homemade Baby K'tan Carrier Instructions

I made my own Baby K'tan type carrier! This carrier is the perfect mix of comfortable, quick to put on, and easy to stash in your bag. If you like your Moby or Boba, you will LOVE this. It is a lot less fabric than the Moby, so you won't get too warm. The only drawback is that you need to have a specific size just for you--you'll have to buy another carrier if your child's other caregivers wear a different size. Hopefully the good people at Baby K'tan will not be upset with me for sharing…

Ashley Zimmerman