DIY Halloween zombie makeup

Discover Pinterest’s best ideas and inspiration for DIY Halloween zombie makeup. Get inspired and try out new things.
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Become a Zombie for Halloween - DIY Zombie Makeup

Halloween is just around the corner at long last and while there are plenty of people out there like me that LOVE the holiday and dressing up for all the festivities around it, there are also plenty who don’t. Fair enough. You don’t have to love it but if you’re going to attend a Halloween […]

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63 Killing Halloween Makeup Ideas To Collect All Compliments And Treats

Are you here for some Halloween makeup ideas that look both sexy and scary? Then you are in the right place. We have handpicked the most amazing makeup looks to recreate this Halloween so that your costume would stand out.

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Easy Zombie Makeup That You Can Do With Products You Already Own (Braaaaaiiinnnss Sold Separately)

Mmm, Halloween: the time of vampires and ghouls and black cats and of course, zombies. What I love about zombies is that their look is almost completely up to interpretation; there's not really a staple you need to be a zombie. Vampires have their…

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How to Apply Zombie Makeup (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Vampires may have been the height of fashion a few years ago, but zombies are quickly taking the lead with the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead and movies like Warm Bodies. Read on below for tips and steps on how to create your...

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How to Make a T-Shirt Look Like a Zombie Costume | eHow Amigurumi Patterns, Zombies, Homemade Zombie Costume, Diy Zombie Costume, Zombie Costume Kids, Zombie Makeup Easy, Zombie Hair, Zombie Clothes, Homecoming Spirit Week

How to Make a T-Shirt Look Like a Zombie Costume |

Turn a T-shirt into your own DIY zombie costume by poking holes in it, tearing the holes larger, stretching out areas of the shirt and shredding parts of the shirt. Add fake blood as well as dirt and grass stains to give that shirt a well-aged look for Halloween.

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