DIY rainbow party decorations

Add a burst of color to your party with these DIY rainbow decorations. Create a vibrant and festive atmosphere with these top ideas for a memorable celebration.
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This easy photo booth backdrop was a last-minute, fit-it-in-if-there’s-time-to-prepare-it activity that we did for my daughter’s birthday party. I made this for her friend party. It ended up being a fun addition and I’m glad we included it. I think it will be fun to look back at the pictures of her and her friends... Read More »

Katie Walters

My daughter was absolutely obsessed with the Trolls movie for months so I decided to throw her a surprise Trolls-themed birthday. I wanted the decorations to be very colorful and bright since she also loves rainbows I decided to go for a rainbow streamer backdrop. If there is any questions please,

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Struggling to choose a festive theme for a child's birthday or baby shower? Consider the charm of a rainbow birthday party theme with DIY decorations. A rainbow-themed celebration promises a vivid, joy-filled event that guests of all ages will adore. These 20 best rainbow birthday party ideas and decorations invite a spectrum of creativity, ensuring your gathering is not only beautiful but also a blast to prepare. Elevate your next event with a burst of color by diving into DIY rainbow…

Kelly Liddell