Diy soldering jewelry

Learn how to create your own unique and personalized jewelry using soldering techniques. Discover step-by-step tutorials and unleash your creativity to make stunning accessories for yourself or as gifts.
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Last week I wrote a supplies guide leading up to this basic silversmithing tutorial ‘How To Make A Silver Ring Band.’ In my opinion, if you’re wanting to get into silversmithing then the easiest thing to learn is how to make a simple ring band. So if you haven’t yet seen that then go check that ou

Wild Han in the Forest
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Every month my Aspiring Metals Team does what they call, blog roll. I miss a lot because sometimes I just can't think of a darn thing to contribute that I think anyone will find interesting. Well this month, everyone is going to do a tutorial- how to do something- metal, photography for your shop, a technique that someone is good at. I volunteered to do one, then- Oh My, what to do? So, great buddies that they are- they suggested I do a How to Solder and work with gold filled wire. Gold fill…

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