Diy stepping stones

Add a personal touch to your garden with these creative DIY stepping stone ideas. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and create a unique pathway that will impress your guests.
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DIY Concrete Stepping Stones: We have the biggest front flower beds I have ever seen. Like 60+ bags of mulch a year big,whew! They were a jungle when we moved in but are much better now. Some original bushes and trees were salvageable and we added some flowers but it still neede…

Julie Beasley
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A couple of years ago, I decided my garden needed a personal touch, something that would set it apart from the typical plant beds and shrubberies in my neighborhood. That's when I stumbled upon the idea of making my own DIY stepping stones. At first, I was worried it would be too hard, or I'd need lots of special tools, but I found that with some creativity and basic materials, I could make something truly special. I started with just a few stones, each with a unique design. Some I embedded…

Emily Mays