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Explore a wide range of exciting and unique occupations for your Dungeons and Dragons characters. Find the perfect profession to enhance your gameplay and create engaging storylines.
A poster reads: Keep upgrades are underway. To keep up with the world around us, the symbol of our strength & the last line of defense for our community, the keep, needs to be brought into the modern age. Any proficient as a mason, blacksmith, carpenter, or tilemaker will be rewarded with 22 gold per day plus meals while they work on this project. Laypersons who are strong, fit, and willing to aid in construction are also welcome and will earn 3 silver per day, plus free meals. Larp, Play, Dungeons And Dragons Game, Dungeon Master's Guide, Dungeons And Dragons Books, D&d Dungeons And Dragons, Dungeon Master, Dungeons And Dragons, Dungeon

Pinned to The tavern cork board A new, though yellowed, poster announces with cursive writing: Keep upgrades are underway. In order to keep up with the ever-developing world around us, the symbol of our strength, our reputation, and the last line of defense for our community, the keep, needs

T.J. Peterson

I’ve been developing my Orcquest themed anti-Heroquest game set. Spending a couple of hours working on Orcquest human figures inspired by the artwork of the game has been a nice break from the usual. There is plenty of Greenstuff work ahead (which I have digitally added some as I mused ideas over it) to add …

Dean B
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I have been having a great time with Hunt Showdown. Aside from the gameplay, I really enjoy the world build as well as the general look of the characters and weapons. It was really fun to think up a character that would fit in the setting without being too tropy or disconnected. Grave Robbing seemed a very appropriate topic for Hunt and this particular entrepreneur is just to nasty not to join in.

Seal Montoya