Dog gate ideas

Ensure the safety of your furry friend while adding style to your home with these creative dog gate ideas. Explore top designs that blend seamlessly with your decor and create a secure environment for your beloved pet.
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Starting a new project can be helpful. When I decided to make my own DIY dog gate, I didn't know much about tools or building things. My dog, Benny, always tried to sneak into the kitchen, especially when I was cooking. It was fun but risky because he could get hurt. So, I looked up some DIY dog gate ideas and plans that seemed easy enough for me to try. I found lots of ideas. Some were made from wood, while others used PVC pipes or even old baby gates. I measured the door to my kitchen and…

Emily Rose
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Hey guys! Welcome back to Maker Break, where we share our favorite maker videos of the week, and challenge ourselves to build a project of our own! This week Sarah went to Rob with an interesting problem. Her and her husband just moved into their first home! Which is excited, but they also have a curious 2 year old who ...

Kristy Greene
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I am on team, you DON’T have to compromise aesthetics when it comes to your pets. This is an easy DIY dog gate made to match your farmhouse style! This gate is made almost completely out of a sheet of plywood, so it takes very minimal materials!

Mindy Hammond