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Discover a collection of beautiful doll carrier patterns that you can make yourself. Get inspired and create a unique carrier for your little one's dolls with these creative ideas.
Ordinary Lovely: A Baby Doll Carrier for Clare (sewing project show and tell) More

(hot on the heals of my post about baby wearing...) (this little show and tell has been auto posted to entertain you while I'm off on vacation!) Of all my kiddos, Clare and James have been the most frequently "worn" babies. Clare doesn't remember the all the cozy times she spent spitting up down my chest, but she does see me wear James often enough. And what I do with James, Clare does with Sally: nurse, dress, rock, bounce, sing to, toss off the play set. (Oh no, wait. I don't do that last…

Cheryl Wolf
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**This is the Bear Carrier pattern from the book Oliver + S Little Things to Sew by Liesel Gibson.** I think I have a buttonhole phobia. I've had the pieces cut out for this bear carrier for a couple of weeks and just couldn't get myself to sit down and sew it all together. I think I was procrastinating because I knew there were buttonholes involved. My last foray into buttonhole-dom resulted in a faux button sewn over top of snaps. But I can't believe I put off making this cuteness so long…

Kimberly Riddell