Dome skylight ideas

Transform your space with these innovative dome skylight ideas. Bring in natural light and create a bright and airy atmosphere that will uplift your mood.
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Roof glass dome is a special product. It could be used to the building tops to be an architectural art decoration, increasing the aesthetic of construction. Also widely used to private residence, tower, awning, green house, sunlight room, pub, bar and skylight etc. Surprisingly, the small one even could be used as display cabinet in […]

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We have designed, manufactured, and installed a beautiful Infinity symbol-shaped 122 m² surface area skylight with a total elevation of only 1.1 m and a frame diameter of only 8 cm. The dome-building techniques used to design and build the skylight enable us to meet architectural and functional requirements. Skylight has maximum natural light transmittance, the low height makes a 360o city view from the terrace on the rooftop, and 12 automatic triangle-shaped windows for airflow and safety