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Explore the incredible adventures of Dr. Marvel and discover the mystifying powers that make him a hero. Join the journey and witness the extraordinary in the Marvel Universe.
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'Katherine Reed is the most sarcastic, kind, sexy shit, dumbass bitch you'll ever meet, but she's hurt. You may not know it, but her past is kind of chaotic, and she never gave a closing to it. She'll need you, maybe more than you'll need her, which is unfair, but also a part of her life and yours. I don't care that you are all heroes and that you can kick my ass any day, but if you don't take care of my friend I'll make sure you regret it.' 15 soulmates, and only one of them is yet to be…

nicole tolentino
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'Become Iron Man' was an AR game developed by Apache for the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park. Players can suit up in one of four iconic Iron Man suits and, after training in Tony Stark's workshop, will save downtown Hong Kong from a swarm of Ultron's drones. In this project, I was responsible for a variety of props for Tony Stark's workshop, as well working on the four Iron Man suits. The workshop made for this experience was based on Tony Stark's Malibu garage featured in Marvel's 'Iron Man…

Carlos Portillo Hernandez